His Music

While almost all the approximate 100 films Madan Mohanji composed for, had at least one memorable song, there are various milestone films that had a memorable score with almost all the songs adding to the appeal of the film... whether the film succeeded or not, music lovers admired the music score.

This section will feature all songs from such milestone films in his 25-year career from AANKHEN in 1950 till LAILA MAJNU released after he passed away, and even VEER-ZAARA, where his unused compositions were recreated 30 years later.

While Madanji admirers enjoyed his music as an aural experience on records, on radio and in cinemas, since these days the visual enhances the joy of reliving a song, we have featured links to the film clips of these songs, wherever available. In some cases, we have also featured the audio only, since quality of film clips is not always good, and the sound in film is faster than original song.

Since this section focuses on the entire soundtrack of the milestone films, many memorable songs of Madanji will not be in this list if they were in a film that is forgotten and could not be considered a milestone film, even if it may have had a milestone song. We will shortly feature a separate section for such other songs.

DISCLAIMER: Please do note that these links are being shared only for reference purposes and as found when added to the website. We do not have copyright on these links, and hence from time to time you may find some of the links not working, in which case since we have provided the song details, a keen listener could find an alternative link / source instead.
1. AANKHEN (1950)
2. ADA (1951)
3. MADHOSH (1951)
4. AASHIANA (1952)
5. BHAI BHAI (1956)
7. ADALAT (1958)
8. SANJOG (1961)
9. MANMAUJI (1962)
10. ANPADH (1962)
11. JAHANARA (1964)
12. GAZAL (1964)
13. SHARABI (1964)
14. SUHAGAN (1964)
16. POOJA KE PHOOL (1964)
17. HAQEEQAT (1964)
18. WOH KAUN THI (1964)
19. NEELA AAKASH (1965)
20. MERA SAAYA (1966)
21. DULHAN EK RAAT KI (1966)
22. CHIRAG (1969)
23. HEER RAANJHA (1970)
24. DASTAK (1970)
25. PARWANA (1972)
26. BAWARCHI (1972)
27. HANSTE ZAKHM (1973)
28. MAUSAM (1975)
29. LAILA MAJNU (1976)
30. VEER-ZAARA (2004)