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Vishwas Nerurkar is a renowned music researcher and aficionado, who has over the past two decades, through an intense passion for the art of music, set a trend of producing definitive film anthologies of prominent playback singers, such as Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, as well as reputed music composers. His in-depth analysis and comprehensive works are considered benchmarks by connoisseurs of Hindi film music worldwide.

Madan Mohan: Ultimate Melodies
Researched, Compiled & Edited by Vishwas Nerurkar & Bishwanath Chatterjee

Vishwas Nerurkar has authored the book "Madan Mohan: Ultimate Melodies", together with his colleague, Bishwanath Chatterjee. This book was first published by Jeevangani & Gayatri Publications on 22nd June 2007. It stands as one of the most complete tributes paid to the musical genius of Madan Mohan, exhaustively detailing all of his music as well unveiling the person behind the musical maestro through a presentation of various perspectives of Madanji's family, friends, colleagues and admirers. Interspersed with some rare and memorable photographs, the book is an excellent piece of work in terms of printing, paper quality and design. For a Madan Mohan fan, this book is a necessary possession that forms an integral component of an archival collection.

Dedicated to Lata Mangeshkar
First Published June 2007
Publisher Jeevangani & Gayatri Publications (Mrs. Sharmila & Mr. Prasad Mahadkar)
Price INR 1,000

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