DIL DHOONDTA HAI – MADAN MOHAN – a journey through his timeless music

07 April 2022

Live events have resumed in various centres. The DIL DHOONDTA HAI event in BANGALORE, which had been postponed due to the pandemic, has now been scheduled for SUNDAY 1 MAY 2022 at the Bharati Vidya Bhavan Hall at 5.30 pm. It is being organized as a charity event by the ROTARY CLUB BENGALURU, DISHA.

DIL DHOONDTA HAI is presented by Madanji’s elder son Sanjeev, as a humble tribute to his legendary father.

DIL DHOONDTA HAI is a unique 3 and half hour event featuring a 90 min audio visual and a 2 hour Q & A session with Sanjeev anchored by Rajeshree Gokhale.

Sanjeev shares rare, interesting and emotional insights into the music and memories of his father’s journey. Snippets of almost 150 songs of Madanji embellish the presentation.

In the 9 min promo video we can hear snippets of almost 25 iconic songs of Madanji, and also get all details about the format and content of the show.

You can preview the 9 min promo video from the link below.